Rainbow Six Siege – A (Very Late) Review

Before you start, yes I am blissfully aware that this review is for a two year old game but I want to say my piece about it so……………….nyah!

But actually a review now makes some semblance of sense.  Many games released these days tend to have a multiplayer and online element to them and they can be the main focus of a title.  However, many reviews for these games are based either on pre-release copies (which is pretty pointless) or based on around 24 to 48 hours after release.  This means that many games haven’t had the chance to be patched up to iron out some problems so may colour the review; or worse simply be ignored in its entirety in order to get that review out and get them clicks to the website.

Now we could sit here all day long sipping tea and discussing the semantics about why devs do not do proper MP testing before release (Note to self: that’s the next article idea right there!  Must right down in my ‘Unicorn Lovers Guide’ notebook) but I want to take a look at why, in my humble opinion, you should give R6 Siege a go now.

R6 Siege was released back in December 2015 and developed by Ubisoft Montreal.  As with many games (and especially Ubisoft ones) it released with a raft of bugs and quirks but the basis of a great game was there from the get go.

You get to play one of a number of elite Special Forces Operators from various forces from around the world.  These can be unlocked via in-game grind or by purchasing season passes.  The game modes are limited to Situations (basically the SP element of the game), Terrorist Hunt (Either lone wolf or with up to 4 other players vs bots at various difficulties), Multiplayer Casual (Online with up to 4 friends or randoms vs. 5 other randoms), Custom (Where you can invite up to 9 other pals to swear at each other over comms for half an hour or longer) or the arguably true aim of the game – Ranked.

Ranked is where you play against other players in a more stringent competitive environment and is designed with an eye on Ubisoft’s foray into the world of E-Sports.  On all of the modes, because you only get one life per round, things can get very tense which is the games major plus factor.  Being able to stalk an opponent and get the kill in before they do is very exciting…….as long as the net code doesn’t do one over on you first.  More on that in a mo.

Within each MP mode is a tactical mode that is either Hostage, Bomb or Secure Area (Basically TDM).  One side defends whilst the other attacks.  The attackers get drones to go find the enemy/objective before the round starts; and the defenders get the same time to fortify their positions.

Where the game gets really clever is in the Operators that you choose from.  Each one is pretty unique and has a certain amount of weapons to choose from but also one defining trait or speciality.  For example Sledge has a sod-off great hammer that can break through most things; and Valkyrie has the ability to set up extra surveillance cameras around the map.  The selection of the Operator makes a difference to how each round is approached and most can be countered.

By and large the game is an utter scream to play meaning you either scream with joy or anger depending on a given round.  The biggest minus point against it still is its network connectivity.  I am by no means an expert on these types of things (I just try and play them) but Ubisoft has been trying to fix the various issues for some time now.  It is certainly arguably better now than at release but there is some way to go.  I have lost count the amount of times when I have practically emptied a clip at mid-range into someone and registering hits only for them to then turn around and kill me in two shots.  But then when I see the kill cam footage from their point of view I had either not even started shooting or I was hitting everything but them!  That’s not to say I haven’t benefited from this issue myself but it is probably the biggest problem facing the game right now.

As with all online games you get the idiots, the cheats, the elites, the noobs, the salty kiddies who have a serious thing about ‘yo momma’ but I have had some of my best gaming times in recent years when playing a custom or casual game with my friends and shooting the breeze on Discord.  Not everyone can do that of course but it has certainly made the game much more enjoyable because of it.

So i’m looking forward to the next game session, with my fave operator Frost, laying those man traps….right up until BullzeyeKK throws another GOD DAMN IMPACT GRENADE SO HE CAN MAKE ANOTHER HOLE WITHOUT WARNING US FIRST!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT BULLZEYE I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO……………………………………

(Editor’s Note: I’m sorry dear readers. Bubbaloola needed to be sedated there and he’s gone for a lie down.  Normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of our Lord and Saviour, Tachanka)

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