Visceral Studios Closure – Et tu EA?

It was revealed a couple of weeks ago that EA has shuttered Visceral – the studio that produced the Dead Space series as well as Battlefield Hardline.  They were in the midst of producing the Amy Hennig (Uncharted series) led Star Wars game codenamed ‘Ragtag’ at the moment of closure.

This came as a surprise to many outside of the industry even though EA has built up a certain reputation for deep-sixing studios every now and then.  And of course the knives were immediately out for EA for being their old, unreasonable selves.

Hennig with Doug Chiang, Creative Director at Lucasfilm

However, it appears there may well be more to it than at first appears and although not off the hook, EA are certainly not the only ones coming out of this not exactly smelling of roses.  Over at Kotaku there is a very in depth article about the numerous problems Visceral have been plagued by – from the lacklustre performance of Dead Space 4 to the inevitable management nitpicking on a game’s development.  It’s an interesting read and very well researched by the writer Jason Schreier.

If you are at all interested in how things can go wrong in the gaming industry then it is well worth a read.  Now let’s just hope that people learn their lessons this time *cough*

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