First Impressions: Star Wars Battlefront 2: Great kid! Don’t get cocky.

Thanks to Origin/EA Access, players have been able to get their luxuriant leather gloved Imperial mitts on Star Wars Battlefront 2 a few days early.  I’ve given it a spin and these are my very early thoughts on it.

The Good

Well as we have come to expect from EA/DICE, the game caresses your eyes and ears in the most visual and aural way possible.  Battlefront 1 was something to behold but so far this goes above and beyond.  Given that I’m still rocking an increasingly creaky GTX 970 card, it is still breathtaking to behold.  There some fantastic flourishes as well where the maps feel properly lived in and you see scattering animals and fleeing civilians.  My favorite location so far has to be Mos Eisley which is fairly expansive and so well detailed.

A vast improvement over the previous game has to be the Starfighter Assault mode.  The flight mechanics are much improved and the sense of freedom to fly around is fantastic.  The battles themselves are as chaotic as you expect them to be but once you get the hang of the mechanics then your enjoyment increases.  There is immense pleasure to be found in hunting down an enemy whilst whipping in, out and around massive asteroids surrounding a First Order Star Destroyer.

The single player portion can only be played for the first few missions taking place during the Battle for Endor and just afterward.  In it you get a good sense of how the game will pan out and it seems as if Motive has been a very savvy inclusion to the IP.  I hope EA take notice of this and start to rethink their current strategy against that type of content for Star Wars (…….allegedly!).

The Bad

I seem to be struggling to get a hold on the ground battles of the game so far.  My mileage for those modes will entirely depend on being able to use the damn guns properly as currently I seem to be shooting Nerf darts compared to many who seem to be shooting nukes!

Also, bunny-hopping is back with a furious vengeance which does not chime with my play style so I cannot really fault the game for that one.  The use of Star Cards and the kitting out a character can be a touch finickity but you get used to it fairly quickly.

The Ugly(?)

I put that question mark there for the reason that I’ve still not made my mind up over the Loot Crates and the rate of drops for decent Star Cards.  I have rammed up against other players who have some quite spectacular Star Cards in their hands and that has swayed some rounds.  I think more time is needed for a proper assessment.  If you are on the fence over buying this due the potential “pay to win” aspect of it then I would suggest holding off little longer to making the decision.


Simply put – stunning, gorgeous, fun, frustrating and no massive surprises so far.  It’s too early to say whether it will have the legs for long term play but it is certainly a massive improvement over the first Battlefront.

The trials only lasts 10 play hours.  The Deluxe Edition releases on 13th November with the standard edition releasing 17th November.

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