Our Mission

Our mission – that we have chosen to accept – here at Gamers Roundup is to become the place to go for gamers who want to read the thoughts not of gaming journos but of gamers themselves.

We will only cover the news that interests us and the games that we play.  We will provide comments on the news but in a constructive and reasoned way.  We will conduct interviews with the gamers, the devs and the publishers.  We will write fair and balanced reviews of the games we play.  And we will (hopefully) give you coverage of events and game cons from the gamers perspective.

Our aim is approach all of these first and foremost as gamers.  We will not approach the subject matter in a combatitive way; but instead try and understand the reasons that the devs and publishers have when handling our beloved games and franchises.

Oh and if (and this is a big if) we ever get to the point where we advertise or are sponsored for content then we will always let you know dear reader!

So now you know, and as the great G.I.Joe always said “Knowing is half the battle!”