There will be cards….lots of cards! Fantasy Flight Games are going digital.

For all those out there that enjoy tabletop gaming (especially those that have a LOT of cards with them) Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) are definitely the big boys on the block these days.  They are famed for producing a number of well made miniature games such as Star Wars X-Wing and Armada as well as Lovecraft themed games.

Well now they have launched their own digital game studio run by ex-Human Head CEO Tim Gerritsen (late of Bioshock: Infinite and Prey).  There is a brief but interesting interview with him over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

This is potentially very exciting as long as people don’t get their hopes up that there will be online gaming versions of the Star Wars FFG games as that is unlikely to happen anytime soon (EA have that one buttoned up already).  My greatest hope is that the new studio doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel too much.  They could do a lot worse than simply taking many of their existing games in the FFG back catalogue and digitising them is an accessible way; and resisting the temptation to ‘augment’ them so to speak.  My personal wish is to see Arkham Horror get the digital treatment.

No games have yet been announced but we should hopefully know their plans early next year.

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