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The more, the merrier! – Credit Changes – Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA recently did a server-side update to Star Wars Battlefront 2 on all platforms; increasing the amount of credit a player earns at [...]

If I could Turn back Tides: EA give details on the new Battlefield 1 DLC!

EA have announced details of their new DLC for Battlefield 1.  So folks, eyes down and look in: Battlefield 1 Turning Tides will be [...]

Strap them boots on soldier! Rainbow Six Siege is free this weekend.

Well, Ubisoft have done their usual thing and are offering a free weekend for new players to try out the squad-based shooter before [...]

Set your (Captain) Phasmas to stun! Battlefront 2’s first free DLC detailed!

Well you can’t say that the Star Wars Universe is resting on its laurels at the moment.  We’ve had the Access trial released [...]

Gun DAMN Style!: New trailer for the next R6S map

Ubisoft have released a video showcasing the new Rainbow Six Siege map and it is a very shiny place that we will be [...]

Choose between the Light or Dark Side….and burn your wallet as well

Nvidia have announced a collector’s edition of their newest Titan X graphics card and woooooo mama is it gorgeous: Introducing the #StarWars Jedi [...]

There will be cards….lots of cards! Fantasy Flight Games are going digital.

For all those out there that enjoy tabletop gaming (especially those that have a LOT of cards with them) Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) [...]

This White Noise won’t make you sleep! Rainbow Six Siege is off to South Korea.

  Well it looks like our High Lord and Master Tachanka and his pals are off to the Far East again with the [...]

Lock S-Foils: Battlefront 2 has gone gold

Yes folks, according to a tweet from Niklas Fegraeus (DICE Design Director), Star Wars Battlefront 2 has gone gold. After a ridiculous amount [...]